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Soap and Glory are a brand that for some unknown reason seem to have passed me by. Many of my friends use their products and I was pointed in the direction of their daily moisturiser 'Glow Job' (I am sure that all pun was intended.) This is a great summer product for a number of reasons. Firstly, heavy foundation and moisturiser in summer is just a no go. It will only end in 'melty face' (a term I'm sure make up professionals use on a regular occasion.) It's good to let the skin breathe in summer and allow the vitamin D full access to your pores so that the body can soak up the goodness. Secondly, your skin undergoes so much wear and tear on a day-to-day basis that it's good to factor moisturiser into your daily routine. Many will be consistant with moisturising at night, but the morning is always such a mad rush that moisturiser maybe low down on the priority list. Thirdly, unlike many tinted moisturisers, which often feel too thick, Glow Job contains 'micro Bronzeburst Beads' that release temporary self tan when you rub the moisturiser into your face. This gives you the colour of a regular foundation with more of beachy natural look. Plus, as stated on the website, the moisturiser smells like 'orange peel oil and vanilla' and it truly does. Delicious.

Soap and Glory: Glow Job, Daily Radiance Moisturiser, RRP £9
At £9 a pop it could be pushing the boat out for some people, but you only need a pea size amount each morning so it should serve you all summer. Plus, there is no price on good skin. 
Even if you don't need a new moisturiser, or dont fancy one with a self-tanning element, then you should still head into town and browse the Soap and Glory products; the names of the items are genius and always provide some amusement on a quick lunch break. 

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