Magpie Eye

Sparkly, shiny, diamonte clothes tends to go against everything I agree with however, I can't currently get enough of the stuff. It may be the simple 'diamonds are a girls best friend' attitude which is surely embedded in a part of our chromosomes or I am developing expensive taste. Good job my attention is currently on the cheaper side of the style.

Bertina Multi Coloured Sequin Hotpants, Miss Guided , £22.99

Bam Bam Black Square Stud Boot, Miss Selfridge, £60

Printed Sequinned Cardigan, Zara, £119

No judgement if you hate these all, I probably would have a few months ago. 

Rita Ora
Hawwwwwt damn. Shiny jealousy! 


Jessie Ware - Devotion

Jessie Ware's debut album 'Devotion', released this Monday just gone, went straight to my top 3 albums of this year upon first listen. Treating myself to the Deluxe Version I sat for most of the afternoon yesterday just playing it on a loop. It is an absolutely stunning album. Having heard Jessie's vocals on the likes of SBTRKT's records and being a big fan of the Disclosure remix of her song 'Running', I was eagerly awaiting her solo stuff and was not disappointed. I've tried to chose a personal favourite off the album, but I just can't. There is too many. Her current single 'Wildest Moments' is a bit of a gem mind.

Go buy! Let's get this near the top of the album charts this week.


Après Beach

This is my indulgent product. I love love love it. Oribe luxury hair care is onto a winner with this wave and shine spray. I blogged last year about Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt spray, well personally I reckon this is the next step up. The price difference is visible with Oribe wave and shine spray coming into stores such as Space NK apothecary at £33.00. However, if  you're in the mood to treat yourself or you may have just celebrated a birthday, then go and buy. You wont regret it. It tousles your hair without that horrible stiff feeling of salt and smells DIVINE. I've just finished mine and its now going to be a loooong wait until Christmas or a lot of trips to the beach. (Fyi: 300ml, used most days, has lasted me about 3 and a half months. Definitely worth your pennies!) 

Oribe, Après Beach Spray, Space NK Apothecary, £33.00



I first saw Lucy Rose play last November when she was the support act for Ben Howard. Fitting in perfectly with the ambiance of the night, her music was beautiful, relaxed and caught your attention. This is one of my favourites off her debut album, 'Like I Used To', set to be released towards the end of September.

Go see her if you get the chance! 


Book Club Fail

With all good intentions, a friend and I made an attempt at a 'book club' to keep our brains ticking over this lazy summer holiday. How proud our parents would be. To be honest, we mostly just wanted to watch a few films but felt it was only right to read the books first. Our first book: Pride and Prejudice. An English classic. This lasted about a week when a confession of a text revealed that one of us didn't even own the book and the other hadn't picked it up since we made our little pact. Maybe next time.
In the meantime, I found the cutest French website specialising in handmade accessories, it was as if (very mild) fate had brought us together:

P.S. Besitos book clutch. One from the Jane Austen Collection

I've decided that this is exactly what I need if I ever want to consider reading a book.
Back where I belong I guess, shoppppping. 

Other designs:



Style Steal

Gillian Zinser aka Ivy Sullivan from 90210 is a great summer style steal. I don't know if its the sunny weather, my revived addiction to internet shopping or my housemates mild but 100% understandable obsession with Gillian but her style is suddenly at the forefront of my mind. And what one hell of a beach goddess she is. 
If you're a southerner, I hope you are enjoying the sunny hot weather, if you're a northerner, you may be as confused as I am with this grey humidity and occasional storms so here is a number of options for a style steal.

1) The Red Carpet Alternative 

This is perfect if you're in the mood for a night out this summer but don't fancy the cocktail dress and killer heels. The bodice looks like its an American Apparel number, teamed with sheer bottoms and a top as causal as a denim shirt. If its good enough for an A-list event, its good enough for us.

2) Summer Simplicity 

Low buttoned, tied at the bottom checked shirt is a great way to make a long sleeved top work for the summer. Roll the sleeves up for an even more effortless causal look. To finish, a swept up messy bun and some pink lipstick will suffice. 

3) Bohemian  Babe
All Images sourced from: IMDb.com

I urge anyone who can pull off hats like this to just wear them all the time. Trilby ones, bowlers, boaters, I'm not bothered, just add them to an outfit for the rest of this summer. Gillian's dress is gorgeous and embraces the maxi trend but with a more original edge.  

Now recreate. 


Manicure in Minutes

Having not been a huge lover of false nails in the past, I'm surprised at how much these new nail wraps have caught my attention. False nails and gel nails in the past have destroyed my poor nails and weakened them beyond belief causing me to stay well clear, however this has not damped my desire for long and manicured nails. Therefore these new nail wraps seem like a godsend. Easy to use and shouldn't rip off the first layer of your nails when removed. Available from most high street health and beauty stores and not to pricey, so why not add a little extra to your make-up routine this weekend. 

Superdrug, Broadway Impress Press on Manicure, £5.99 
Feeling patriotic for the Olympics, try Nail Rock, £6.65

Feeling a bit more jazzy, Rebel Nails Inc, Black Splatz Nail Wraps, £7.99


It's Time...

They're back! One of my all time favourite bands Mumford and Sons have produced this gem as their first single off their second album 'Babel'.
One of those songs that you love as soon as you hear it and a perfect song to see you through the rest of the summer. Give it a little listen. 

Excited for tour dates!


Tapered Trousers

Love, love, LOVE!

If you find the right style and the perfect fit, you'll never want to take them off. I've been monitoring the classic high street stores in hope of stumbling across my ideal pair and havn't had much luck.Until today. Having avoided Topshop for a few months due to limited funds, I was reminded of why I always chose to just be poor when it comes to shopping. Spotting a gorgeous pair of tapered trousers on a manikin I made a beeline across the shop floor. Got my size, tried them on and was very very happy. I'd love to now write how I purchased these and made my happy way home however, this was not to be. Due to my new attempts to budget I left them on the rails, to go home and dream about these beauties and somehow 'save'. (I don't know what's worse, avoiding the shops or knowing what I'm missing.)

These trousers will see you through this crazy monsoon us Brits are having and nicely into the autumn. Dressed down for daytime with a jumper and flats or dressed up for the evening with a pair of heels and a sheer shirt. Some may disagree but personally I'd say, the more pyjama like the better!

Topshop, Tile Print Skinny Trouser, £40.00

River Island, Green Paisley Print Crop Trouser, £30.00

Zara, Printed Trouser With Contrasting Waist, £39.99