Five Reasons to 'Heart' the Change in Weather

Some people may say I'm crazy. I'd rather say I am positive. No matter how hard we wish or try, September signals the end of summer. So instead of hating, start embracing. Having a huff won't make the sun come out, so hit the shops and dress for the occasion. 

1) The Boot.

Put those sandals and flip flops away and your little tootsies back inside some big cosy socks and get your ankle boot on. Love love love. Plus military and equestrian are all the rage this seasons. These trends would be going nowhere without their boots. 

Office, Neptune Stud Black Boot, £70.00 

2) The Knit Wear - especially jumpers.

Oh lord, I have to be restrained. My sister recently banned me from buying my dream jumper. I haven't forgiven her but my bank balance has. The chunkier the knit the  better. Add a slight splash of colour and go for burgundy/maroon. Lush! 

Zara, Ribbed Front Cardigan, £45.99

3) The Coat

Staple for the winter. Unavoidable so don't resist and leave it until January to think maybe you should buy a new coat. Go now and reap the benefit, no doubt you'll be needing it from October. Reiss have some beauty's in at the minute but if in doubt, French Connection always have a cracking range of coats. 

French Connection, Lucky Wishes Double Breasted Coat, £230.00

4) The Scarf

Biased as I live and breathe scarves but we don't want our chests getting a chill and keep those soar throats cosy with a big hug of woollen love. Pulled up over your ears on those bitterly cold days. 

Topshop, Two Tone Zigzag Snood, £16.00 

5) The Trouser

Skinny trousers may still look hot but if you buy a pair with a slight bit of leeway then you can always pop a pair of leggings on underneath on those chilly days and people will be none the wiser. One of my house mates is considering wearing her wetsuit all winter under clothes to keep warm. Maybe a bit extreme...plus hassle when you need the loo. We've all been there with a play suit. 

All Saints, Roseport Ashby, £75.00