I Eat My Words

The wounding of my pride that this blog post has caused is something I'm sure will come back to haunt me later in life.
When studying A/W12 collections a few months back I firmly decided; military style = yes, equestrian style = NO. For those of you who know me better, this will not be a surprise, since my somewhat irrational dislike for horses and anything that can be associated with them, is getting worse by the day. However, as titled, I have to eat my words because October 2012, I cannot get enough of some aspects of the equestrian style. Top number one on my shopping list, the item that has caused me to write this post and rant and rave to anyone that will listen; the riding pant. 

Oh gawd they're so nice. American Apparels version in particular (village green). I have high hopes for them being as simply fantastic as their disco pant, but if anything, that little bit comfier. As winter draws in, I am all for hitting the shops to improve SAD moods. If that means spending obscene amounts of money, I'm sure I will find some vaguely relevant reason to justify my actions. For the riding pant, I already have two. Forward thinking:

1. Jeans are like a sponge when it comes to water. Manchester being the rains favourite place to fall, you don't want to have soaking wet jeans all days. That will only cause you to get a chill and develop cold and flu like symptoms. This in turn will hinder my ability to concentrate on my uni work and thus cause me to fail. (use this approach when introducing new clothes to my dad.)
2. As stated in my post below, the trouser is a winter staple. The riding pant look fairly tight yet stretchy. Leggings or tights underneath would work like a charm I reckon. 

Need I say more, must factor a shopping trip into my day tomorrow! Comes in a variety of colours so one for every mood. £64 is rather steep but my house mate claims everytime you wear something it reduces by half....investment. 

I fear for the day I say I've bought some 'simply delightful knee high boots to wear with them'...equestrian will get to us all, even those most opposed. Strong fashion trend. 

American Apparel, Riding Pant, Village Green,  £64