Teapot Vintage

This brand is literally my saviour. One of my biggest shopping problems is vintage clothing and sales. There is something in my brain that just cannot get to grips with the process of sifting through shop rails separating the wheat from the chaff. Especially if there is loads and loads of clothes to look at (Topshop sale is my nemesis.) As a student, this is a terrible skill not to possess. My old housemate is the pro charity shopper; the charity shopper Queen. Beyond envious of her skills. However, Teapot Vintage seem to have done it for me! This is a fabbb little website and so reasonably priced! Great clothes and everything on it I just want to buy. There is also definitely something for everyone, stocked for guys and gals. Plus, for those guys that complain about shopping, you need not move from your sofa to enjoy these steals.

Teapot Vintage, Vintage Oversized Floral Patchwork Cardigan , £16

Teapot Vintage, Vintage Reworked Mini Dress, £15

Teapot Vintage, Vintage Men's American Hunter Jacket, £35

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Custom Vintage Dublin

The festive season is over (sob). The sweet treats and indulgences are a fond distant memory, and its back to the grind of work. However, that means only one thing is on the way...SUMMMMER! You can't help but feel lifted, vitamin D from the sun fills you with great healthy energy. July and August may seem a long way off but I imagine many were forward thinking with their New Years resolutions. To quote a few:
1) Detox
2) Get fit and work out - future beach bod
3) Ditch the chocolates
Sound familiar? I can see those resolutions of mine glaring across the room from me (next to that half eaten box of Christmas chocolates.) Well what better way to stick to those resolutions than a goal. New summer clothes act as great inspiration and give you something to work towards. This could include a beautiful new bikini or a sexy summer dress. Whatever the item, they are likely to help you stick to those dreaded health kick plans.

Last summers most worn item: denim shorts. I can think of numerous high street stores where denim shorts were flying off the shelves last year. Why not shake it up a little bit, and buy the same beloved trend, with a bit of a twist, and have them as your summer inspiration.
Custom Vintage Dublin customises vintage Levi shorts. You can't beat a good trusty pair of Levi either so this brand is great. Founder and designer Ali Delaney only launched Custom Vintage Dublin in June 2012 and already has thousands of girls after her shorts. Each and every pair of shorts are handmade and unique so worth the investment!
You can email them and request your own design if you have something personal in mind, or if you just fancy a pair, then they have a selection of ready made shorts on their website.
Other items include: denim jackets, camo jackets, studded bras and hair feathers. Got my eye on so many of these things. So spend those Christmas pennies wisely. These shorts are great summer motivation, plus the bright and colourful designs will help us all feel less like the rainy weather outside.

Here is just a tiny collection of some of their designs and items:

Custom Vintage Dublin, Dipdyed, Studded and Floral Shorts, £50

Custom Vintage Dublin, Custom Shorts, £56
Custom Vintage Dublin, Levi Jacket 40 Euros 

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