I am not deliberately meaning to just write about fashion brands at the minute. My exams mean a lot of internet browsing and in turn online shopping. Spreading the love.

Shakuhachi is an Australian brand based in Sydney and has some great stuff in at the minute, and a wonderful sale. 50% off a lot of their summer wear which is perrfect for these horrid rainy days we're having. Makes me want to bronze my skin, put on a dress and go outside into the sunshine. Holiday/Sydney please!

Free worldwide shipping: even better. LOVE

Shakuhachi, D-Ring Deluxe Racer Back Cami Dress, AUD $110.00

Shakuhachi, Scarf Print Tee Dress, AUD $115.01

Shakuhachi, Brocade Leather Tee Shirt, AUD $175.00

All images sourced from Shakuhachi website
Shakuhachi Facebook
Shakuhachi Twitter


Lacuna Apparel

Had my eye on this new brand for quite a while and still really love it. Sometimes simple can be effective if matched with the right pieces of clothing and Lacuna Apparel has tapped into this look with a strong brand identity. Making a plain t-shirt stand out is not easy, but their patch pocket idea was sold to me instantly. This has evolved over a few months to include their brand logo as the print on sweaters and t's and also a rib cut cage back on some t-shirts. I love them all, and realised today that during August they were doing a limited edition of patches. Hope that happens again!

Lacuna Apparel, Cage Back Patch T,  Burgundy £35

Lacuna Apparel, Logo Sweatshirt, Black, £40.00 
Lacuna Apparel, Patch Tank, Black, £25


Ones to Watch

By watch I mean literally go and see. Had the delight of seeing Jessie Ware, Ben Howard and The Black Keys perform this term and none of them have failed to impress.
Three very different venues and three different artists/bands.
Jessie Ware played in the top room  of Sound Control and it was the perfect venue to really enjoy and listen to her music. Chatting and joking away with the crowd, Jessie played most of her 'Devotion' album to absolute perfection not missing a note. She has such a beautiful voice and if you like her album then I would thoroughly recommend seeing her live. She will not disappoint.

Jessie Ware, Sound Control, November 2012
Ben Howard, also in November, played at the Manchester Apollo. A large crowd and a sell out gig, he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Taking his songs up to crescendos with the whole room cheering and clapping along, he could stop the music and the crowd would fall silent with him within seconds. With only three other people on stage and a large amount of acoustic music to perform, this gig was far from mellow and one of best I've been to in quite a while. A seriously talented man and I urge you all to go and see him live.

Ben Howard, Manchester O2 Apollo, November 2012 
Finally was The Black Keys playing at the Manchester Evening News Arena (M.E.N). Energetic and with some really simple but great visuals, good old Patrick and Dan played the classics along side the equally popular new songs. With two of the worlds biggest disco balls making an appearance for their encore the gig was huge, upbeat and an absolute crowd pleaser. Get them on their tour!

The Black Keys, M.E.N, December 2012 

Rat and Boa

There goes another two months of missed blogging. New Years resolution to become more consistent perhaps. 

Semester 1 has finished and instead of moving myself away from the bright lights of my computer screen (good for my health and eyes) I have instead spent hours scrolling through blogs and I'm just so content. Reignited my love for pinterest and building up quite a nice collection of clothes and styles I want to recreate. 
Newest obsession (and I mean obsession) Rat and Boa Clothing. I cant stop looking through their website, tumblr, blog, facebook; you name it, I've stalked it. Now following them on twitter, instagram, facebook - it's actually going a little to far. So clearly I thought a good way to place me in a better, less creepy light, would be to blog about them...I can only hope they take this as a compliment.

Creating and selling individual pieces, their clothing and jewellery appealed to me immediately because it looks wearable yet has an edge that makes it so much more interesting then a generic high street piece. Fashion should be about wearing something you love and enjoying trying out new style, not just wearing clothes for the sake of it. I think Rat and Boa provide a good opportunity to be more experimental and individual.  

Narrowed these down to my three favourites I think:

Rat and Boa Clothing, Colourful Feather Print 2 Piece, £60 for both, £28 Shorts, £32 Shirt 

Rat and Boa Clothing, Patterned Denim Dungarees - £30
Rat and Boa Clothing 
All three of the above are on my wishlist, especially the first one which I cannot stop looking at!
They state their inspiration comes from: 'the Oslen twins, Keith Richards, Native Americans,  Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, magazines, blogs, models, photographers alike and any other person that sees fashion as a form of expression and freedom'

Well it is definitely working for you!

Rat and Boa tumblr

Rat and Boa website

All images sourced from: Rat and Boa facebook