Rat and Boa

There goes another two months of missed blogging. New Years resolution to become more consistent perhaps. 

Semester 1 has finished and instead of moving myself away from the bright lights of my computer screen (good for my health and eyes) I have instead spent hours scrolling through blogs and I'm just so content. Reignited my love for pinterest and building up quite a nice collection of clothes and styles I want to recreate. 
Newest obsession (and I mean obsession) Rat and Boa Clothing. I cant stop looking through their website, tumblr, blog, facebook; you name it, I've stalked it. Now following them on twitter, instagram, facebook - it's actually going a little to far. So clearly I thought a good way to place me in a better, less creepy light, would be to blog about them...I can only hope they take this as a compliment.

Creating and selling individual pieces, their clothing and jewellery appealed to me immediately because it looks wearable yet has an edge that makes it so much more interesting then a generic high street piece. Fashion should be about wearing something you love and enjoying trying out new style, not just wearing clothes for the sake of it. I think Rat and Boa provide a good opportunity to be more experimental and individual.  

Narrowed these down to my three favourites I think:

Rat and Boa Clothing, Colourful Feather Print 2 Piece, £60 for both, £28 Shorts, £32 Shirt 

Rat and Boa Clothing, Patterned Denim Dungarees - £30
Rat and Boa Clothing 
All three of the above are on my wishlist, especially the first one which I cannot stop looking at!
They state their inspiration comes from: 'the Oslen twins, Keith Richards, Native Americans,  Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, magazines, blogs, models, photographers alike and any other person that sees fashion as a form of expression and freedom'

Well it is definitely working for you!

Rat and Boa tumblr

Rat and Boa website

All images sourced from: Rat and Boa facebook

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