I am not deliberately meaning to just write about fashion brands at the minute. My exams mean a lot of internet browsing and in turn online shopping. Spreading the love.

Shakuhachi is an Australian brand based in Sydney and has some great stuff in at the minute, and a wonderful sale. 50% off a lot of their summer wear which is perrfect for these horrid rainy days we're having. Makes me want to bronze my skin, put on a dress and go outside into the sunshine. Holiday/Sydney please!

Free worldwide shipping: even better. LOVE

Shakuhachi, D-Ring Deluxe Racer Back Cami Dress, AUD $110.00

Shakuhachi, Scarf Print Tee Dress, AUD $115.01

Shakuhachi, Brocade Leather Tee Shirt, AUD $175.00

All images sourced from Shakuhachi website
Shakuhachi Facebook
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