Food Diary

Summer food can be the best kind of food but annoyingly the heat rarely makes me hungry, especially in the evening. Below are some photos of food I have treated myself to this summer, I recommend them all!

Giant buttons and honeycomb on top of strawberry and blueberry frozen yoghurt - perfect cooling snack 

Home made salmon fishcakes with summer salad - great for hot summer evenings

Tomato, red onion, goats cheese and green pesto puff pastry tart - serve with a side salad 

Still want to enjoy the English classic of roast dinners in the heat - swap roast potatoes for new potatoes to make it lighter

Special birthday afternoon tea for my best friends birthday - guest appearance of my other best friend who just flew to American to study at Brown University - she is so clever! 

AMAZING! Nutella pizza I had in Italy - SO good 

Unbelievable steak sandwich from Borough Market 

Beautiful fruit markets in Borough Market - support your local markets if you can and make a fruit salad or your ingredients for Pimms! 

Home made crisps from Portabello Market - so so so good if you're out and about in the heat 

And just in case you didn't like any of these, here is a picture of a pug from the office I interned at in August