Book Club Fail

With all good intentions, a friend and I made an attempt at a 'book club' to keep our brains ticking over this lazy summer holiday. How proud our parents would be. To be honest, we mostly just wanted to watch a few films but felt it was only right to read the books first. Our first book: Pride and Prejudice. An English classic. This lasted about a week when a confession of a text revealed that one of us didn't even own the book and the other hadn't picked it up since we made our little pact. Maybe next time.
In the meantime, I found the cutest French website specialising in handmade accessories, it was as if (very mild) fate had brought us together:

P.S. Besitos book clutch. One from the Jane Austen Collection

I've decided that this is exactly what I need if I ever want to consider reading a book.
Back where I belong I guess, shoppppping. 

Other designs:


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