Manicure in Minutes

Having not been a huge lover of false nails in the past, I'm surprised at how much these new nail wraps have caught my attention. False nails and gel nails in the past have destroyed my poor nails and weakened them beyond belief causing me to stay well clear, however this has not damped my desire for long and manicured nails. Therefore these new nail wraps seem like a godsend. Easy to use and shouldn't rip off the first layer of your nails when removed. Available from most high street health and beauty stores and not to pricey, so why not add a little extra to your make-up routine this weekend. 

Superdrug, Broadway Impress Press on Manicure, £5.99 
Feeling patriotic for the Olympics, try Nail Rock, £6.65

Feeling a bit more jazzy, Rebel Nails Inc, Black Splatz Nail Wraps, £7.99

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