Style Steal

Gillian Zinser aka Ivy Sullivan from 90210 is a great summer style steal. I don't know if its the sunny weather, my revived addiction to internet shopping or my housemates mild but 100% understandable obsession with Gillian but her style is suddenly at the forefront of my mind. And what one hell of a beach goddess she is. 
If you're a southerner, I hope you are enjoying the sunny hot weather, if you're a northerner, you may be as confused as I am with this grey humidity and occasional storms so here is a number of options for a style steal.

1) The Red Carpet Alternative 

This is perfect if you're in the mood for a night out this summer but don't fancy the cocktail dress and killer heels. The bodice looks like its an American Apparel number, teamed with sheer bottoms and a top as causal as a denim shirt. If its good enough for an A-list event, its good enough for us.

2) Summer Simplicity 

Low buttoned, tied at the bottom checked shirt is a great way to make a long sleeved top work for the summer. Roll the sleeves up for an even more effortless causal look. To finish, a swept up messy bun and some pink lipstick will suffice. 

3) Bohemian  Babe
All Images sourced from: IMDb.com

I urge anyone who can pull off hats like this to just wear them all the time. Trilby ones, bowlers, boaters, I'm not bothered, just add them to an outfit for the rest of this summer. Gillian's dress is gorgeous and embraces the maxi trend but with a more original edge.  

Now recreate. 

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