Après Beach

This is my indulgent product. I love love love it. Oribe luxury hair care is onto a winner with this wave and shine spray. I blogged last year about Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt spray, well personally I reckon this is the next step up. The price difference is visible with Oribe wave and shine spray coming into stores such as Space NK apothecary at £33.00. However, if  you're in the mood to treat yourself or you may have just celebrated a birthday, then go and buy. You wont regret it. It tousles your hair without that horrible stiff feeling of salt and smells DIVINE. I've just finished mine and its now going to be a loooong wait until Christmas or a lot of trips to the beach. (Fyi: 300ml, used most days, has lasted me about 3 and a half months. Definitely worth your pennies!) 

Oribe, Après Beach Spray, Space NK Apothecary, £33.00

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