Do Not Taper Off With Your Purchases Of Tapered Trousers

I am obsessed with tapered trousers. I am so obsessed that I have already written a post about them around this time last year. Summer necessity. I'm in a cycle of just wearing a different pair each day. In fact, writing this post has made me buy yet another pair. My reasoning and support for these trousers stem from the fact that they are versatile, library/work/drinks/dinner/shopping appropriate and with the up and down weather at the minute, it means that you can still wear them if it is hot but raining.
You can buy a pair which are plain in colour but I think the patterns that are on most of them is what has drawn me to them. Plus, with tapered trousers, there will always be a wide price range avaliable. Most high street stores will sell them so if you are not 100% sure, maybe go for a less expensive pair so it's not a huge regret. Or if you know that you're going to wear them day-in-day-out then those few extra pennies will probably be a good idea.
Here are a few examples of my favourites at the min:

H&M, Trousers, £4.99 (£4.99!!!!!) 

Topshop, Soft Tapered Trousers, £35

Zara, Paisley Print Trousers, £29.99
Images sourced from:
1 - H&M Trousers
2 - Topshop Soft Tapered Trousers
3 - Zara Paisley Print Trousers

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