Shopper Bag

We've done the tote bag, had a stint with the basket bag and all enjoyed the benefits of free hands with the backpack but fashion is heading back to basic shopper bags and lovvvving it. Us ladies are not people who like to travel unprepared so the shopper is perfect for filling up with all of your essentials. Working days: lunch, water, purse, diary, important documents, phone - all fits. Night out: make-up, extra layer (of course no guarantee that it wont rain for the whole of July and August), hair spray, potential pair of flats, keys - all fits. Beach: suncream, IPod, towel, book, sunglasses, water and refreshing juice drink - all fits. I can assure you that your new shopper bag will be perfect for each and every one of these occasions.  Personally, I think the bigger the better; endless amounts of space if ever a crisis with a plastic or paper bag ripping. I am very jealous of all of you who get to look at and enjoy your shiny new bags.

Mango, Buckless Shopper Bag, £27.99 
Zara, Shopper with Combination Handles, £22.99

Pay day? Treat yourself? Living the dream? Wishful thinking?...

CĂ©line, Triple Shopper in Vegetal Calfskin Tan
You can never have too many bags!

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