They're Real

BADgal mascara from Benefit is a favourite for many people that I speak to. However the San Francisco based make-up brand offers an alternative mascara to the UK, 'They're Real'. Having recently tried a sample of the mascara I am a convert. The brush for the mascara is not as big and thick as the BADgal one however it suits my lashes much better. I am not one of those people who has been blessed with a gorgeous full set of long lashes and unfortunately have a stumpy set so a good mascara is essential to me. The brush has staggered plastic bristles separating the lashes individually and coating each lash individually. This separates, curls, lifts and volumises lashes to give your eyes a great defined outline. The brush has a rounded and customised tip which includes shorter bristles meaning you can coat that hard to reach corner of the eye and also fan the ends of your lashes, so glam.  The mascara has good wear and tear so stays on your lashes for most of the day, and like good quality mascaras, it doesn't flake off onto the face during the day. It dries quickly meaning that it is less likely to smug and I find I only need to do one coat a day. RRP of £19.50 but if only one coat is needed a day, then this should last you a good number of weeks. So take my word for it, I tell you no lies, it's all real, just like your lashes.

Benefit, They're Real Mascara £19.50

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