Practice what you preach

After going down south for a week for a festival, the return to reality from outside that field, living in that lack-of-personal-space tent, there are things I realised I missed more than I thought and things that if I could, I would quite happily eliminate from my life. One of the main things I was (I won’t lie) ecstatic to see was my skin care. As I write this I can hear my dad saying ‘that’s sad, get a life’ but my skin is something I’ve battled with for many years so once you find the perfect antidote it’s hard to let it go.

My skin care heaven = Simple. A few of my friends are greatly amused by my skin care regime and often just state ‘you’re mad for Simple’ but I really am. I cannot swear by these products more because they’re so easy on your skin. For any of you who also have this battle with your skin, I really do sympathise with you and I’m not saying that picking up some Simple cleanser and toner will fix the problem but it can only help. Harsh chemicals and strong solutions with strip your skin of its natural minerals and dry it out even if it still feels oily. Stuff like your skin and hair will only cooperate if you treat it well so a regular daily routine, lots of water and fruit will make even the smallest difference.

If your skin really is bad and upsetting you, do seek medical advice. It took me years to go to the doctor for mine and within 5minutes, I was prescribed Duac one daily gel and three months later it was looking better than ever. 
Keep the faith. 

Simple cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye make-up


  1. ooh, i'm allergic to simple, it brings me out in really bad eczema patches on my face :( i do wish i could use it though!
    I'm so happy that you've found a solution and that you're much happier :) xoxo

  2. oh no! i'm really sorry to hear that, especially after I spoke about the products so highly. out of interest what do you use instead?
    thank you very much - I hope you have the same luck!xxx