Hawaiian Flare

Apple Cart’s last few blog entries have ended up adopting a summer essentials theme so I thought I’d continue this idea for at least one more post. This time, it’s something for the boys. However I can guarantee right now that the majority of you will hate, disagree and scorn what I’m about to say. Granted, with good cause but for those of you who are feeling slightly open minded, maybe my words won’t fall completely on deaf ears.

If you’re still a par-taker on family holidays then firstly: you’re a good son/daughter, well done and secondly: you may be familiar to the dread of your dad cracking out the just awful summer shirt. By this I don’t mean a simple, short sleeve, white or light breathing shirt, no, I’m talking about that bright blue gem with neon pineapples all over it, or a jungle shirt with an array of 7 different bright colours that clash horrendously. Until not so long ago I would of been taking the side of the haters and burning any single shirt like that the second I got my hands on it, but recent events make me feel like I’ve seen the light.

Back in May, two of my housemates and I went to see Friendly Fires at a small gig in Manchester. This was the first time I’ve ever seen them play live and I tell you now, I fell in love. I’ve never seen a band with such energy and such a spot on live repertoire. The atmosphere throughout the whole gig was electric and they left such a buzz behind. Ever since then I’ve been following the band avidly as they hit all the summer festivals. Spotted at Radio 1’s big weekend and Glastonbury, to name only a few, my attention started to stray from the overall performance and home in on the lead singer, Ed Macflarlane. He is hands down the coolest guy I have ever seen in my life. With an ability to dance like no one I’ve ever seen before he was completely intoxicating. But it wasn’t only his dance moves that were mesmerising but also the shirts that he sported at each different gig. We’ve had a sexy beach number with palm trees on; a white one that after a while I worked out was covered in zebras, flowers and trees and one that I could only make out as multicoloured. I mean if Ed’s doing it, I reckon we all should be. Dare to be a little bit different and let’s bring back the crazy shirt and make it acceptable. You won’t get many people supporting this venture but it’ll bring a smile to the majority of passer-by’s faces.

If I have not managed to persuade you to embrace the Hawaiian flare shirt I can only hope I’ve persuaded you to give Friendly Fires a listen. Their new album ‘Pala’ is out now and with a whole load of new tour dates realised, try and catch them before disappear back into the music studio.
For some decent advice on men’s wear, check out 50% man. http://50percentman.blogspot.com/

(image taken from 'event-ist, Independent Music Media's
Photos - Rock N' Coke 2011') 



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