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As much as it pains me to say, winter is drawing in on us English folk. The nights are getting darker earlier, the rain won’t cease and last night the central heating even went on. If there is one comfort I can take from the winter, it’s the fashion. I am 100% through and through a dresser for the winter. Knitwear, boots, big coats; you name them, I love them. However with the snow hopefully holding off for a few more months we need a jacket to get us through the autumn limbo stage. Cue: the leather jacket.

Ladies if you don’t own one already I can only encourage you and hope you go and treat yourself. Almost every high street shop will have them in stock in the up and coming months so the price range is down to you (but do bear in mind for the cheaper jackets, they probably won’t be real leather.)

If you do want to splash out and buy this jacket for life then I strongly recommend All Saints range of leather jackets. The price will be over a couple of hundred but start saving now and it will be such a satisfying purchase. Some come with fur trimming and others with a jersey lining so you can match it more to your wardrobe and taste. On  top of this, if you’ve always wanted a leather jacket but not sure what to team it with, then All Saints put a ‘related items’ column down the left hand side of the page to give you some inspiration. 

Caledonian Jacket, £295.00

Fleck Jacket, £275.00

Ruskin Jacket, £550.00
(100% Sheepskin not leather)

Telstar Jacket, £395.00

(All images sourced from Google)

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