Dear hair, we’re sorry!

I’ve been using and abusing my hair recently in the ongoing battle for it to sit perfectly and exactly how I want it. Unfortunately, I must admit, with no prevail. Summer is always harsh on your hair with the heat frying it anyway, holidays causing us to be in and out of swimming pools (chlorine – our number 1 enemy) and the sea plus general day to day wear and tear. If you’re anything like me, the straighteners are on and off. I almost feel stabbing guilt whenever I put my hair between the irons. I know I should give my hair a rest for a while but I've got that annoying kind of hair that isn’t naturally straight but isn’t naturally curly and sort of just hangs in an unattractive manner. I think this is easily where my hair straightener addiction began.

What do we even want from our hair nowadays though? Straight is out of fashion, curly isn’t always the easiest style to get right and our desired ‘beach babe’ hair is so unattainable. Or so we thought.

The discovery of Bumble and Bumble sea surf spray. One word – incredible. This product is publicly known to be used by our beloved Blake Lively (and who wouldn’t want hair like hers?) After a week away in Mallorca (gorgeous country, strongly recommend to anyone) and dipping in and out of the sea I re-discovered beach hair, always a winner, but with the horrid weight and feel that the sea gives it. Well this is the answer, (I guess mostly because the sea is no longer right on our doorstep at home for some of us)and because you can’t feel any kind of product in your hair. I’ve been tracking this product for a while and due to the price of £19.00 in Space NK apothecary it took me a while to take the plunge but I couldn’t be more glad I did.

What is more, you can tell little white lies and say it’s your natural hair coz surely adding salt water is just a little extra help...

Happy styling! 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray


  1. Love that beach hair look!!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  2. Love your hair colour! I wish mine had that volume haha x http://threadbareaffair.blogspot.com