Sheer delight

Often fashion can get caught up in the Haute Couture, the edgy style and the just plain crazy with everyone trying to define their own style but sometimes there is a time and a place for pure and simple. Especially on those humid, sticky, summer days.

A summer must have: a white granddad shirt.

Its light, doesn’t cling, comfy and goes with everything. A shirt like this is also definitely not hard to come by. The one bellow is a standard Topshop purchase but no doubt every high street and designer shop will have one in stock of some sort meaning the price range is up to you.

However, number 1 rule; accept that it won’t be your signature item to make your statement outfit. My best friend and I have met at least three times in the past two weeks wearing exactly the same shirt but will both still continue to swear by it.

Plus every girl much prefers wearing a boy’s shirt. This just makes it more acceptable. 

(White granddad shirt, Topshop)


  1. Sheer white blouses are my absolute favourite.

    And Topshop can do no wrong.

    Love it!

    With lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    Come see why I 'wear the pants'

  2. Love that blouse- so versatile!