It’s not about the perfect bikini body; it’s about the perfect bikini

Summmmers here and well under way! The few months of every year we Brits yearn for. Forget Spain and their non-stop year round siestas, July and August is our time to shine! (Or for those of us who were sitting exams, May will always be full of sunshine and one year we’ll enjoy it.)

After endless phone conversations, Skype sessions, joint internet browsing of trawling through websites for that perfect bikini, my housemate and I found the answer to all our prayers: a cut out swimsuit. Who would have thought that connecting a bikini top and bottom with a simple strip of material across the stomach could cause such happiness? However, it does cause the slight problem of an odd tan line but you’ve got to pick your battles sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a trend that hit our high street last summer for sure but let’s keep it ripe in 2011. Everyone deserves to feel sexy in summer.

Top of my wish list is a gorgeous black crochet number from Pain De Sucre but at £129.99 and myself living off a student loan then this will merely remain a distant dream. Ladies who wish to treat themselves, do it for the rest of us (or me at least.) For those whose bank can’t quite justify that spend, get back into Topshop, River Island and onto Asos. They’ve never let us down before so why change our loyalties now? 

(SS10 Pepe Jeans cut out swimsuit)

(Pain de Sucre, Honolulu, £129.99.
Taken from google images)


  1. Very pretty! It'd probably leave interesting tan lines though...

    xx THE CHEAP


  2. That's one gorgeous cut!

    Conventional from the back, va va voom from the front!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    totally seeing red