Crème de la crème

I’ve got one of my sisters to thank for this discovery. We all know a good foundation is hard to come by and one that your friend loves and wears everyday may not suit your skin at all. It can also feel like you’re just clogging your skin up day after day with layers of foundation. So after having this discussion with my sister she pointed me in the direction of cream gel foundation by Rimmel.

At a very affordable price it was exactly what I was looking for. Light on my skin but a good amount of coverage. Due to it being so light, it is also perfect for summer and will definitely be in the suitcase in preparation for my holidays.

The gel comes in five different shades so no doubt you’ll be able to find a colour to suit your skin tone. Plus it comes in a handy tub so no more squirting too much on the back of your hand and not being able to get it back in the bottle (such a waste! I reckon that’s where most of my money goes).

I’d definitely recommend this for work, shopping, holidays and even evening drinks.

(Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation in True Ivory, £6.99. Mac Duo Fibre Brush, £32.50)
Simply perfect!


  1. Thanks for your comment ;)
    You visited Portugal?
    it's good when someone like your country. I'm never travelling outside my country.
    I'm following your blog. <3


  2. thanks for following my blog! Really appreciate it.

    I have visited Portugal once but hopefully one day I'll get back there.